Pyramid City

I am really proud of the work I'm putting in the pool right now. For the first 2/3rds of the semester when I made it to the pool I just mindlessly crunched laps. Running away but at a slow and lumbering pace. I was lazy and uninspired. The last few times I've been in the pool I've made it a point to push my pace. I started using my Tempo Trainer again. Today I had it set down to 22.75 seconds per length.

Today's set:
4 x 400 m pyramids up and down by 25's
1 x 400 m free cool down

I am really really really really happy that I was able to negative split these and that on my last pyramid every step was faster and the ones before. My body is starting to remember how to swim fast... maybe because I am so stressed out that I want to run away. I had gotten
so lazy in the pool that I'd forgotten what it felt like to pull myself effortlessly through the water to reach that sweet speed where you feel like your being lifted out of the water. Yesterday was a dark hard day until I got the pool and even for the first part of my swim yesterday I was stuck in a really self-critical and unhappy place. But I dug deep and I swam fast and I felt better.

After my swim this morning I was happy, like too happy. The jittery to the core manic panic undulating feeling that seems to shoot right out of my fingernails. Uncontrollable unbridled joy. My body felt excruciatingly alive for hours. Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ. I wish I could start every day this way. Or maybe not. The rest of the day could be drab by comparison.


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