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Last day of October, first Yeti swim!

It's Halloween. The last day of October and what felt like the first Yeti swim of the season. It's not so much that the water was very cold (it was a balmy 53° f) but it was windy and bouncy.The water was crisp and the wind chilling but after the first 5 minutes all of it felt like heaven. The water there even when cold feels like a massage. Once my neck is in I feel my whole body relax. I know this is opposite of what most people feel when they get into colder water but for me my body seems to say, "Oh we remember this. This is lovely you're going to feel great." There's something particularly special about Broughton Beach and swimming in the morning. It feels like going home after months away even if it's only been two weeks. There's a level of comfort, satisfaction, and acceptance I feel there that I have felt only kayaking on the Middle White Salmon. It was great great swim great familiar feelings of being cold and my body reacting to