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It was literally freeeeeeezing.

                                                  I've been pretty absent these days, but do not fear! I'm still swimming, just for shorter periods of time. Saturday was my most recent swim. It was 3 minutes long. The water was 32F/0C. the air was 27F/-2.7C, windchill of -7.2C. Surprisingly the warm-up was totally fine and took no longer than my 15 minute swims at 38. I am always surprised (and comforted) by the resilience of the human body. Cold swimming is a reminder that I can handle more than I think I can on a daily basis. I mean, if my body can recover from a swim like that, it can handle the stress of grad school, clinical fieldwork during a pandemic, and relationship challenges. It's all good. Just got to trust more.  Usually, I wear a buoy but was a little concerned the buckle would freeze and I'd be stuck in a loop of icy webbing. Bit of an ice ramp leading to the water.  A little while ago I was explaining to a friend what we use to figure out how long we swi