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Lower Willamette Swim-a-thon (and I suck at blogging)

Howdy! It's been a minute...and about 193,463m (but who's counting??) since I last updated the blog. I guess you could say I've been busy. Since June, I've completed my last semester of didactic coursework for my OTD, swam another personal Portland Bridge Swim, and made 4-mile morning swims a fixture in my week. I've also kinda sorta started training for and then talked myself into a 24.3-mile swim. Oops. It'll be on August 21st and aims to raise some $$ for Human Access Project and Black Swimming Initiative. More about that here: I've had the please of swimming with new friends and old over the last two months and logged more miles of smiles than I can count (Okay, that's a lie, I totally count every single one!) I'll fill in the highlights starting with the most recent. Tracy returned to the North West! I drove up to Seattle last Sunday and spent two days with her swimming at Alki. The wa