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Simply, these are some helpful/cool links. 😃

Portland-area water levels, tides, temperatures:

Columbia River at Vancouver (used for Broughton Beach):
Note: BB is typically 1-2 degrees cooler in the winter and 1-2 degrees warmer in the summer than noted on the site. Likely because we take water temperatures in shallow water and air temp and the amount of sun can change these temps rapidly. 

Willamette River at Morrison Bridge 
(Downtown Portland)

Note: As you go further upstream (closer to the Clackamas) the water temperature is a little cooler, sometimes as much as 2 degrees cooler in Milwaukie than downtown. 

Organizations and projects that inspire me:

I may be biased since I volunteer with this organization. ;)

Promoting access to our largest public park in Portland, Oregon: The Willamette River. And home to the Riverhugger Swim Team!

Working hard to improve water quality and access. 

They keep it clean!

One day, I'll compete at one of their events! 

Where I go for inspiration and information when considering or planning super long swims. 

Great swimming blogs:

It's true, I love this one! This is my personal "go-to" for folks starting cold water swimming. The humor is a little dry and very British but appreciated. 

Jessica is an amazing swimmer and her stories and experiences inspire and excite me. She is continuously a source of inspiration and wisdom. 

YouTube Channels:

Great videos and technique advice by Olympic swimmers Dr. Gary Hall, Sr., and his son Gary Hall, Jr. Typically more focused on short swims, spring, and pool technique but great underwater video and dialogue. 

If you're a fan of our local Swim Smooth coach, this channel is for you! This is where I go to review drill videos before heading to the pool. I recently "discovered" the pilates videos on here and plan on using them for dryland once a week or so (we'll see if that actually happens). 

Australian swim coach, Brenton Ford, also produces a podcast but I prefer the videos. So many great playlists on here! He breaks down elite swimmer technique, dryland training, and more. My favorite is "Feedback Fridays" they're especially helpful as the videos are regular swimmers/amateur athletes so the mistakes they make with their strokes are pretty typical. There's even a special section for triathlon swimmers if you're into that kind of thing.


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