Welcome to 2024

The start of 2024 marks the start of training, and planning, for Catalina Channel- both of which are epic feats in themselves and happen before I hit the water in Doctor's Cove. In talking to folks over the years people are always wowed by the swimming part, but really it's the planning and the crew that are most impressive. So, on my journey to Doctor's Cove, I'm going to bring the whole Internet along for the ride, well maybe not the WHOLE INTERNET just the handful of folks that read my blog. To start things out, this is my spreadsheet: Catalina Training Yeah, it's a training plan/tracker and you can follow along with what I actually do to get ready for the swim. I'm working on a Spotify playlist too, if you have recommendations for pump-up songs- put them in the comments!

This past November I attended Swim Camp Catalina for my birthday and got to know the water there a little bit. I swam with bioluminescence for the first time, a truly mesmerizing experience, the water and the sky become one- just like when its foggy at Broughton Beach but in a different way. I can't wait to spend hours watching the bioluminescence light up around me with each stroke. Photos from swim camp. 

I did some diving at swim camp too, mesmerizing. 

Okay. So, back to the topic at hand! So far I have five person crew: My mom is going to be my beach-catcher for when I finish, John and Sue are kayaking/crewing, Laura is my crew chief, and Claire is crewing. I'm hoping to find 2 more crew members since seasickness on the channel is a real possibility for the crew, and me! Having some "extra" folks on the boat will give crew/kayakers a chance to rest. My boat is the Bottom Scratcher, so there's plenty of room. I'll keep updating the blog as things develop, the good and the not so good- because not every day is going to be on the sunnyside. 

Until next time, just keep swimming!


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