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24-miles of the Lower Willamette!

UPDATE 2/27/2022: I'm planning to repeat this swim in 2022 using Marathon Swimmers Federation guidelines for documentation, so this time it will be official! For more info visit this link to Everything Lower Willamette  and . Currently, planning on July 30, 2022. If you or anyone you know would like to help out, please comment or contact me otherwise. 💖 It's taking some processing and time to sit with the events of last Saturday, 8/21/21. A lot happened, and nothing happened. Let's see. Where to begin? *Most photos are at the end.  Training for the swim was the easy part. I enjoy long swims and logging miles in the morning before class, and digging into the day's tasks.  Crossing under the railroad bridge in Milwaukie. Photo: Amanda Cross  Organizing was a challenge. I decided early on not to have a support boat and instead do the swim with kayak support and someone onshore in a car acting similarly to how a support boat would. I called this