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Back to the concrete box!

  I'm baaaacccck! In the concrete box, otherwise known as the pool. And, just this morning was cleared by my PT for fieldwork and to get back to swimming more. My shoulder is feeling really good after 8100 scy this week, so I'm hopeful that everything will continue to get better and better. I've got a great acupuncturist at Inner Gate Health & Wellness and just started working with a fantastic massage therapist doing myofascial work at  Therapeutic Associates North Portland Physical Therapy (PACE) . I'm continuing to work on flexibility and strength on my own and really feel positive about what I've got going on. I am so excited to carry on with OT school and begin training for this year's Lower Willamette Swim. After some discussion about tides, water temperature, and boat availability I've landed on July 30, 2022.  This weekend and in the coming weeks I'll be working on the documents for MSF and reaching out to potential fundraising partners (wh