Correction: it is now *balmy* 😉

Beautiful sunset swim last night. Water was hovering between 47-48 and the air was a warm 54. This was an especially meaningful swim. The woman responsible for getting me into this crazy open and cold water community and I got to support one another. Almost three years ago now I met her in the locker room at one of our community centers. We joked and always said 'hello' to each other and then one day she mentioned she wanted to do the Roy Webster swim across the Columbia in Hood River. I looked at her and said, "Oh! You can do that!" At this point, neither one of us had much open water experience so we attended a local triathlon club intro to open water swim clinic. It was glorious and we were hooked. She is now one of the biggest rocks in my life and keeps me levelheaded and true to myself while encouraging me to dream big but remain humble.
There are people that come into your life unexpectedly that forever change it for the better and help you become the person you were meant to be. Since becoming part of the open water community in Portland I have grown more as a person, laughed harder, and loved deeper.
Last night's swim was so much more than a sunset swim. It was a reminder that mine is a life worth living and the best is yet to come. 

1222 yards.
18:26 min.
47 water temp
54 air temp.


  1. So much this.It's a beautiful life because of the rough edges and happy we are swim buddies :)


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