Winter swimming is coming...

It's almost my favorite time of the year, winter swim season! The beaches and water clear out, and each swim feels like an epic adventure. With COVID, there won't be back seat car saunas cuddles with treats and tea, but there will still be seeing friends and shivering on the beach. This might be the year that we all take a page out of Laura's book and sit on the beach drinking tea and shivering for an hour before heading home. We might emerge stronger than ever. Already this fall, we've had some colder days pouring down rain, making the water warmer than the air. This fall's most excellent development is weekly morning swims at 7 am Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Thanks to those swims, I've spent time swimming with folks I didn't see all summer and conquered (well mostly conquered) my fear of water plants and started to make friends with the local minnow population.

Thanks, Ice Wolf for the photos to prove it!
Today is the day! First Broughton Beach swims of the season below 60. (I had a neuro exam this morning and need to get my gills wet after all that studying and testing.) Looking forward to it and many more this fall. 💙🧊🏊
Sunrise swims at Broughton, best way to start the day.


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