What a way to start the day!

My swim this morning really started last night. I went to bed at 8:30 it was fantastic! I can't believe how well I slept and I was able to sleep all the way to my alarm at 5:30. An hour after getting up I was in the water. Which is no small feat considering it was 33° outside, dark, and windy. It was one of those mornings where it was easy to get in the water quickly because at 54° the water  was substantially warmer than the air. Knowing that it wasy first swim of cold water season with combined air/water temperatures below 100° I gave myself a limit of 30 minutes. The water was so much warmer than the air that it was hard to get out! Well, that and dawn was just beginning to break.
There is something ethereal about swimming in the darkness especially when the sun starts to creep over the horizon and the fog rolls in on the water and the sky is just a pale enough blue to tell which direction the shore is in. Swimming into the dawn might be my favorite. And swimming into Don is really what happened this morning it was not quite proper sunrise until after I'd already been out of the water for 20 minutes. Thankfully I got to hang around on the beach for sunrise and to take pictures of my friends. 
So very grateful for mornings like this one 


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