Hood River OWS and swim log dump

Longest swim at 42, 14 minutes 38 seconds- 674yards. This swim felt really good, strong and in control. Annnd I was able too tell when my bikini top came untied AND my fingers worked well enough to retie it! 👙😳🤣 But... It took longer than it should have and I lost valuable heat and distance. I was hoping to get in 800-850yards. Oh well. Lessons learned. Double knot bikini in the future.
The Yeis were hosted today by the Hood River Tri Club- added bonus: post-swim hot tub and homemade cookies! Not a bad way to start the long trip across the country to spend the holidays with my family. (I briefly considered telling them my flight was "canceled" but then I realized I didn't purchase trip insurance.) My partner is staying in Portland with his family, our family, I will miss spending the holidays with them this year. It will be good to see my mom, sister, and the kids- at least that's what I'm telling myself. 

Swim dump:
I swams this week! 
12/17 42f water, 43 air, 8 minutes and 468 yards. (My note in Garmin Connect says, "So. Damn. Cold.")
Then crushed some distance in the pool. Friday, I felt super weak and tired. I was aiming for 5000yrds but only made it to 4000. Oh well. Maybe another day.


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