Finally, Spring

Well, here we are again. It's the start of another summer swim season the Columbia River hit 50° this morning, so I suppose Cold water swimming is now over. As if a good testament to this statement, I swam for half an hour wanted to stay in but realized I had to get out to go to work. I'm sitting in my car rewarming and it occurs to me that when I started this Open water Swim journey almost 8 years ago I never would have thought that a half hour swim at 50°F would feel easy. but, here I am wishing I'd gotten up just a little bit earlier so I can spend more time in the water this morning. It's supposed to be my rest week. see how good that is turning out? I'm already plotting another swim on Friday morning and getting here even earlier. It's just so lovely when the day is new and fresh and I haven't logged on to my work computer yet to see how many patients I have for the day. it's a neat feeling. This morning we saw a first at the beach, a golden eagle swooping down off the point. The osprey were highly annoyed but we were very very much entertained. I love that after swimming at Broughton Beach for so many  days there can still be firsts. I look forward to even more firsts out here, maybe one will be a swim with you.


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