So. Much. Pool.

 Hello. My name is Angie, and I'm a pool swimmer. (((sobs into her goggles))) I miss the open water so much. I miss gliding unassisted through the water and feeling the pinpricks on my skin as the water creeps over my body as I begin a swim. I miss the way it feels when cold water hits my neck and my body heaves a sigh of relief. I want so badly to feel comfortable in the water, but I just don't. I'm not sure what's going on. Part of me is afraid that I'll move funny and tweak my shoulder or that I'll twist my head awkwardly when I breathe and strain my neck again. I swam at Broughton last Friday with fins and it felt fine, except I couldn't sight straight ahead. Every time I went to lift my head my neck cramped up. I ran into the shore for the first time in years. I used to pride myself on swimming in perfectly straight lines no matter where I was. Now, all I can do competently is chase a black line on the bottom of a pool. I keep reminding myself that I can sight off the shore, but what about when I go back to Sellwood and have to look out for fishing boats, rowers, and tourists on SUPs? I think Friday I'll try Broughton without my fins and see how that feels. The tide will be coming in so the current won't be as strong, maybe that will help, and the water temperature will be over 50. Ugh! Why do I despair when I'm racking up 10-12 miles a week in the pool? 

Yesterday I did my first 4-mile swim since my shoulder/neck injury in December and I felt fine during the swim and the whole rest of the day. Granted, I didn't do 4 x 1-mile repeaters as is my habit (I did 7 x 1000s with fins or dork snork for the first and last ones). I know I'm getting better, but the fear of re-injury is really holding me back. I haven't been pushing myself to swim fast and I know I need to. I need to have my target pool pace as 1:30/100 scy so that my open water forever pace is 1:50-2:00/100 scy. I'll get there. And I'll get my open water mojo back.

See you Friday, Columbia River.


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