Big dump!

 Oh my. It's been almost four months since my last post. Don't worry, I haven't even gone four days without swimming. There has just been so very much going on. School really takes over. I've started reviewing for boards (for September 2022). Now that it's June, I'm in my final term of didactic coursework before beginning my clinical fieldwork rotations. Each rotation is 12 weeks with 4 weeks at the end of each semester dedicated to capstone research. I know, it sounds like I'm making excuses for not updating the blog more, but I say these are explanations.  

The water has heated up quite a bit. Currently, I'm swimming at least two miles every time I get in the river with (typically) long swims on the weekend. We've branched out with COVID restrictions easing and folks getting vaccinated, so group swims are back on the table! Yay! The most memorable one so far was an eight-person swim from Milwaukie to Sellwood on a Thursday morning. It was absolutely lovely.

River Hugger swims are starting up again soon! We had a captain's meeting/swim this morning. Unfortunately, I had to be back home by 8:30 so I just got to hang out and take some photos. So exciting. Can't wait to see more folks in the water! 


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