Its officially Yeti season!

With a freezing frost warning and the air at 33° f we are distinctly now and Yeti season. It was lovely. I find this year that I warm up easier by walking around or jogging and chugging hot beverage. The only time I've sat in the car to warm up this year I shivered more and my back felt terrible the rest of the day. This checks out, back part at least. Since cold makes muscles contract, essentially I'm giving myself back cramps when I sit down and let the muscles cool too much after a cold swim. 
Today my swim lasted roughly 25 minutes (I had to get out to make an appointment) I feel like I could have stayed in longer and I look forward to doing so on Wednesday for my birthday swim. I'm fortunate that my birthday and my best friend's birthday are a day apart. So, whenever I have a birthday swim I'd like to provide treats and make sure she comes. This year it's tater tot casserole! Delicious! I might make some kind of sweet breakfast item too but that will depend largely on how much studying I try to do Tuesday night for my exam and neuro next tuesday. Speaking of which... Off to studying!


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