Swimmers or Foodies??

August 1st. I did the thing that I love most doing in Portland, swimming around Ross Island! I love this swim. It was my first ever 10k and every time I do it it's a memorable experience. This was my third trip around the island. Well, actually the first time I did it I went around the island one and a half times starting in Sellwood and finishing downtown...so I suppose it's been 3.5 times around? 🤷  Either way, it was an amaZing swim. There were eight (yes EIGHT) swimmers, two kayaks, one SUP, and a little row boat with an electric motor appropriately name "Chirp." We were a bit of a mess getting on the water, but it worked out, settling into roughly three pods once we got going. We swam around Sellwood Bridge to start and at the other end of the island swam around Ross Island Bridge, and ended the swim the same way we started. It ended up not quite being 10k so there was a little extra tagged in at the end to make up for it. 
Once we got out there was a lovely surprise: a mom brought us pastries and hot tea! (Swim moms are the best, even when they aren't my mom, they're still pretty rad.) Nothing quite like a hot cup of ginger tea and a warm frosted cinnamon role. Several swimmers (myself included) brought yummies to share too, so we ended up with quite the spread. I'm still trying to figure out if we're a group of swimmers that like good food, or a group of foodies with a swimming problem. 🤷 Some combo of: 🏊‍♀️🧜🥐🍰🍪🥧☕🍻🍜🍦🍩🎂🌮🍇 Based solely on applicable emojis I think we're foodies with a swimming problem. whatever, I'm going with either is fine as long as there's cake. 😍😋🍰


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